There’s nothing soft about a Soft Shackle

Now harder than ever, our soft shackles offer a lightweight solution in a 4WD recovery.

Manufactured from high-quality synthetic rope, this shackle features a single splice design and a diamond knot that makes them incredibly strong and far safer than heavy steel shackles that can prove seriously dangerous should they happen to become projectile.

What is a soft shackle?

A soft shackle is a versatile, lightweight and safe alternative to heavy steel bow shackles. The construction of a soft shackle couldn’t be simpler as it is just a ‘strop’ with a stopper at one end (knot) and a spliced end at the other.

High-modulus polyethylene rope is the what our soft-shackles are made from. This rope type is generally of an eight- or 12-strand construction and can be produced from six millimetres to 48mm in thickness. Most soft shackles used in 4×4 recovery scenarios are 12mm in thickness and constructed from 12-strand Dyneema offering better resistance to stretching under sustained tension.

The most important feature of the soft shackle is that it is far safer than steel shackles that are commonly used to connect recovery equipment, like a snatch strap. As most 4×4 enthusiasts know, when a snatch strap snaps you don’t want to be in the firing line – especially if there is a heavy lump of steel attached to it. Soft shackles are much lighter than steel shackles and pound for pound are stronger than steel. They are waterproof, don’t suffer performance degradation even when sopping wet, and best of all, they float, which is great if you drop one in the water or mud.

Why choose a soft shackle over a steel bow shackle?

  • One-piece construction saves time in an emergency.
  • Lightweight for gross weight reduction.
  • Synthetic line conforms around axles and tow points.
  • Maximum strength comparable to steel.
  • Significantly safer to use.
  • Floats in water & muddy environments.
  • Abrasion resistant sleeves for maximum durability.
  • Lowest elongation, minimal stretch.

How to use and care for them

When it comes to 4WD recovery, there is no simpler tool to use than a soft shackle. It is important to note, however, that soft shackles have a lower life expectancy than heavy steel shackles and therefore require the correct care and maintenance to ensure maximum performance every time you go to use them.

Soft shackles will perish quickly if they are left out in the sun for long periods of time or exposed to excessive heat, so it is important to always store the soft shackle in a cool, dry place. They will also become damaged if they are left uncleaned from mud and dirty water, so be sure to clean them properly and leave to air dry away from direct sunlight. Ensure the soft shackle is completely dry before storing.

Before using them in a recovery situation, always inspect the shackle for wear and tear, making sure it appears suitable for use. Thread the eye end of the shackle through the rated recovery point, and then connect it to the snatch strap or recovery rope by passing the eye end of the shackle through the loop. Then, pass the knot on the soft shackle through the soft shackle loop to create a secure connection. Once the shackle and snatch strap are connected, you can proceed as you would with a regular snatch recovery.

Features of our Soft shackle

  • Each soft Shackle is coated with UHMWPE braided sheath to protect your shackle from damage.
  • Lightweight and replaces the risk of a steel shackle breaking and propelling through the air.
  • Large loop diameters to increase versatility
  • Good resistance to UV, abrasion and chemicals.

It goes without saying that the soft shackle outperforms the heavy steel shackle in every way besides life expectancy. It’s lightweight, strong design ensures a safe recovery in every situation and is simple to use. We guarantee the performance of our soft shackles as they have been researched and tested for quality, durability and safety.

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