The Brumby Offroad Recovery Winch Ring is the ideal replacement for your classic snatch block. Used for a double winch line or to change the direction of the winching. This Recovery Winch Ring weighs 620 grams, making it the perfect item to help reduce weight whilst touring and 4wding.

The Brumby Offroad Recovery Ring can be used as a double line pull to help increase the pulling power from your winch. Recovery Rings are ideal for winch recoveries as it takes the stress off your winch and makes the recovery a lot safer.

Made from high grade 6061 aluminium and finished with  a hard anodized top coat, our Recovery Rings are extremely strong whilst also being light weight. Our Recovery Ring have undergone thorough stress modelling to ensure our design is strong and safe to use.

Includes Recovery Snatch Ring and 15,000kgs Soft Shackle- 8mm x 0.5m

Size: 120mm x 40mm
Weight: 620 grams
Colours: Black, Red, Stainless

Can fit Rope Size of 8mm-15mm.

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