How does a Brumby Offroad Recovery Winch Ring work?

The trend towards safer, more lightweight recovery gear has produced an explosion of new products to the 4X4 recovery market, including the Winch Ring.

The Winch Ring offers a practical replacement for your classic snatch block, as it is lighter, stronger and more versatile. Used for a double line pull or to change the direction of the winching. the Brumby Offroad Recovery Ring takes the stress off your winch and makes the recovery a lot safer.

What is a double line pull?
As it sounds, a double line pull gives you almost double the pulling capacity. By running the winch line through a pulley and back to the vehicle, the strength and security of the connection is almost doubled, maximising your ability to pull off a safe and successful recovery every time.

How does it work?
Putting the Brumby Offroad Recovery Winch Ring into action is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Simply place the winch line over the ring, then;
  2. Connect the Winch ring to the anchor point using the Brumby Offroad Soft Shackle.
  3. Finally, pull the winch line back to the vehicle and connect it to the rated recovery point.

What are the special features?
The main feature of the Brumby Offroad Winch Ring is that it is safer than it’s alternative; the steel snatch block. Steel snatch blocks can be great tools until they become projectiles in an accident.

In line with one of our main goals as a company – to eliminate heavy metal objects from recoveries – the winch ring is made of high grade 6061 aluminium, rather than steel. This means it’s lighter, safer and just as strong.

Aluminium also means that these winch rings have the potential to save you weight in a competition scenario. The Brumby Offroad Winch Ring weighs just 620 grams, which means you might find that it is a much more practical accessory than traditional snatch blocks when you’re on the go.

We suggest that until you’ve used one, you don’t know what you’re missing out on. The Winch Ring offers a safe solution during any recovery, and best of all, you won’t see any loss of pulling capacity. So, when safety and versatility are paramount, you can be sure the Brumby Offroad Recovery Winch Ring will fit the bill.